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Some of our customers reviews


Best water pitcher I have owned, water tastes, easy to use, much more affordable than bottled water . .

Kirstin Everton

This is the only water bottle I have come to never want to be without. It’s so easy to use, the water tastes great and bi can truly feel that I’m better hydrated. Thank you!. .

Mike Lloyd

Beautiful and functional. Just love having this on my table for. Highest pH level ever, 9.0 – 9.6 pH love it. .

Andy Guscott

The size of these pouches are convenient for on the go alkaline goodness. They fit in my water bottle, and in the filter of the small pitcher I keep on my desk. The water is smooth and delicious and the pouches are very economical to use and no heavy gallon jugs to lug around!

Loyd Washington

I am very happy with my purchase of the  Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher. I like the change in taste of my water, and like that no plastics are involved in the pitcher. The pitcher is attractive and the fact that it is glass is why I bought it. It will be easy to purchase new filters, and the whole inventory is wonderful and accessible.

Jane Bit

I highly recommend this product if you like alkalized water. The pouches are convenient and you can take them wherever you go. When I started using this product, I immediately noticed that the taste of my water improved dramatically.

Brigit Guscott